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No time for idiots

Joelle, you can't even spell his name right!
> > How rude.  You really donít like me, do you Tomas.

But, getting past your inability to spell-please take your comments to 
Slashdot and see how much shrift THEY will give you. As people have said, 
The USA is a free country and I don't see why you want to turn it into 
another Middle Eastern Oligarchy or SE Asian Autocracy. Maybe we should make 
it so all Companies and their owners are always right and are able to do 
what they want-like it was in Japan for many years. Of course they had to 
learn the hard way with 3 nuclear meltdowns, mercury poisoning of an entire 
prefecture(state) and cadium poisoning of a entire city. That would suit you 
just fine wouldn't it Joelle? I guess that's why most of SE Asia and the 
Middle East looks to the US-the country has free speech and a rule of law. 
If you don't like it-if you can't improve it-move to North Korea...

Let the rest of us hear more about Bwana Tom's latest collecting trip!

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