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Re: Pellia

> From: Paul Krombholz <krombhol at teclink_net>
> I suspect that you have Java fern (Microsorum pteropus) growing as
> though it were a gametophyte.  Java fern does that when light is low,
> or nutrients are low.  It looks like narrow wrinkled ribbons.  I have
> seen it change back over to the familiar sporophyte form when I put
> in new fluorescent bulbs.

I'm sure that's not it. I've had this plant for over 5 years. In fact I
was trying to remember exactly how long I had it, I knew I had asked
about it before and checked the APD records. And the first time I was
trying to identify the plant was in Sept. of 97, and I'd had it for at
least several month if not longer before that. It still stays just the
same. I've passed small bits of it around in the past and know at least
one person that had great success with it in small, extremely low lit
killie tanks. I've had it growing in one 10 gallon tank this whole time.
I've tried putting it in other tanks, but without much success. It seems
to like low lighting and has trouble competing with the higher plants.
The tank it's in just has the single fl. bulb in the standard hood. The
only other plants are crypts and duckweed. I have very limited
experience with it, but it also seems to like wood in the tank and lower
temps. I moved a bit into a different tank to get the pics, so I'd have
a bit better lighting. I put up a 2nd photo, it's just like the first
but I used a flash, while the first just used tank lighting. The 2nd
photo is darker, more true to the color of the liverwort, but because
it's darker, it's harder to see the details (and you can see the dirty
water spots on the tank glass haha). It would be nice to identify this,
I've been wanting to a long time. I've always thought it was a liverwort
though. I've always loved mosses and liverworts, I used to collect the
terrestrial versions all the time when I was a kid. Not much of that
sort of thing here in AZ though. We do have some pretty lichens growing
on the rocks in the hills though, and a little bit of very tough moss.