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Re: Pellia

Hey gang,

Chuck Huffine wrote:
>>There were a few other Pellia species listed as
well.  If you have access to a good herbarium or
botanical garden, you might be able to find out if
they grow in your area.<<

If it helps, Delaware and Pennsylvania do not list
Pellia endiviafolia as native or invasive.....or any
other Pellia for that matter. The Eastern Shore is
probably out of it's natural range.

We still have skunk cabbage, though;)

I found this info by doing a Google search (how
appropriate;) with Delaware+native+plants or
Pennsylavania+native+plants. I'd bet that it'll work
with any state. I'd try it but I have to go to sleep
at some point. hehe...I'd be awake untill Thursday
looking at the native plants of North America. 

John Wheeler

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