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Re: Pellia endiviifolia (Dicks.) Dumort.

According to "Bryophyte Biology" (Shaw & Goffinet, Cambridge University
Press, 2000) the species Pellia endiviifolia (Dicks.) Dumort. consists of at
least four cryptic (sibling) species. One is found in Asia, two in Europe
and one in North America. No specific location information is given.

I checked a few books dealing with local (southern Ontario) aquatics and
three species of liverworts are supposed to be here, Riccia fluitans and
Riccioparpos natans, both thallose liverworts (as is Pellia) and the leafy
liverwort Cladopodiella fluitans.

These things are either very inconspicuous or very rare - in over 20 years
of living here I've never knowingly seen any of them in local bodies of
water. But that probably doesn't mean much - maybe I just didn't recognize
them for what they are. Next spring, I'll certainly look a little closer
(its getting kind of cool here to be mucking about in ponds).

It might be worthwhile for anyone living further South to look in local
bodies of water for liverworts which might be useful in an aquarium. You
never know what's in your own backyard until you look closely.

James Purchase