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Re: simple CO2, complex legal whining

> How rude.  You really don’t like me, do you Tomas.

I don't like what you've _posted_ on this list about the APD and myself. I
like _everybody_ until they wail on me and the list _repeatedly_ with
baseless uninformed malarkey and never bring anything positive to the table.

_Who_ went after who here? You attacked the list in support of P*SW.
If P#$&%^SW wins, no APD list. Pretty dense thinking there.

You attacked my CO2 system but don't know a hill of beans about CO2
regulators, needle valve or CO2 reactor design nor have much(any) experience
using said items or building them and long term usage. I do. Got pic's,
ref's and experience to prove it.

_You_ are the one that's rude I'm afraid, nice try though.

You have not given any positive feedback or advice on this list and only
appear and attack folks and the very list itself.

Your post shows this. Now if you had posted some helpful comments at least
once or twice etc, I'd turned the other cheek and addressed your comments
for the CO2 issue on it's merits alone, give you some benefit of the doubt.
But...........you troll, you don't help.

That's why I split the post into two parts.

Your other comments about the Defense fund and defendants show who and what
you really are. You are a troll. Or a P^SW sock puppet. You seem to have
trouble posting like a certain sock puppet also and some of your content and
phrasing sure sounds familiar...........

As far as free speech, get real, it's like your position on the CO2 issue,
helping folks and the P^SW thing.

Wright, myself and Chuck all took you to task on the issue of CO2. Now
that's two folks that are speakers at the international AGA aquatic plant
talk and one old salt of guy who has a lifetime of engineering experience
and a high level of expertise going back decades. We have all used these
exact same systems and have for many years. I've set many of many client's
tanks(at least 40) and numerous systems for friends and perhaps a fifty to a
hundred on this list and others on the web.

> Your blatant hypocrisy
> when it comes to “freedom of speech” is now revealed in all its ugly glory.
> Perhaps you would tell Steve Pushak or others that disagree with you the same
> thing.

Steve did not come in and say the CO2 system I suggested is mess up/fatal,
nor did he defend P*SW for his only post.
Steve has a _long helpful_ history on the APD concerning a vast realm of
plant related issues.

 You bet I disagree with him on that P^SW issue.

 _But_ this is about you and your post, not his.
Tom Barr