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Re: Scales & Balances

James Purchase had some questions about scales.

Mechanical versus Electronic, which is more accurate:
Mechanical is more accurate and here is why:
Say you are trying to weigh out 0.2 grams of K using a electronic
scale that is accurate to 0.10 grams.  You place K onto the platform
until the readout says "0.2".  Great.  What you don't know is if it is
0.20 grams, or 0.29 grams, or somewhere in between.  The pointer on a
mechanical scale would indicate this.

I would not chose the Ohaus Cent-a-gram.  But I would delight in
owning a Dial-a-gram!
This scale is a real pleasure to use, an will last forever with
reasonable care.  The dial offers so much more flexibility.  Say you
were weighing out 5 grams of Ca and you put a little too much on the
platform.  With your hand on the dial you can dial up the amount of
the increase and decide I you really need to bother to remove some.
This scale also offers the option of weighing liquids suspended
beneath it.

You will like this scale.

But you will never get me to be so precise with my nutrients. :)

Alan in Napa

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