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Re: Simple, Cheap, easy, CO2 systems vs Simple Cheap easy CO2 advice

When Mister Joelle posted that nonsense about Tom Barr's
CO2 set up, I wondered who was gonna reply.  I thought
Wright's and Tom's responses were well tempered.

My only contribution to all this is to point out the Harbor
Freight is selling CO2 regulators for $30 -- single stage
double guage, with an adapter if you aren't using a CGA 320
fitting on your CO2 tank. 


Type all as one line in your browser address window.

Undoubtedly cheap but quite usable.  They might even work
for brewing, although I've never let my aquariums so get
far out of whack that fermentation was occurring large
scale. :-)

You don't have to be an engineer to drive a train, but
experience helps.

Scott H.

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