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Re: Pellia endiviafolia

I checked out P. endiviafolia on Tropica's web site. Here's what's what I found:

Continent -- Asia
Height -- 0 -1+ cm
Width -- 0-3+ cm
Light -- Very low-Very high
Temp -- 15-30C
Hardness tolerance -- Very soft-Very hard
pH tolerance -- 5.5-8.5
Growth -- Fast
Demands -- Very easy

In Peter Bradley's article, in the July - Sept 2002 issue of The Aquatic Gardener, it states that this plant makes an excellent carpet plant. The two pics in the article that show P. endiviafolia have it in the back foreground in "low mounds" with Glossostigma as the true foreground plant. It would be interesting to see the habit of the plant if it was the only foreground plant.

Walter B. Klockers
Plano, TX

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