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Re: Ultimate plant directory

There are several WEB-sites that have a great deal of
info about the topics that you mentioned....None of
them are especially complete and they are all
comercial sites. Hobbyist and sales sites will always
be incomplete and anecdotal which is 99 percent of
what most of us need.

The best way for a "noob" to learn about different
plants' requirements/habits/etc. is just to try them
out. Trade this batch for the next, etc. 

The *FINEST* WEB-sites for hobbyist based info on
specific plants is The Krib, and the archives of this

You'll find that as you interact with other hobbyists
that their experiences, while usually similar, are
*never* the same. The kind of database that you're
suggesting would be just as incomplete as the

Wouldn't it be great if things were less

John Wheeler 

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