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The Ultimate Plant Directory

As I've started to do some research to figure out what plants to get for my
future setup (Yes, I'm a newbie) I've been finding that many different
websites are in conflict with each other. And no single one is very
complete. One site may say that a particular plant will do fine in low
light, and another will say that the same plant requires powerful lighting.

Does anyone use, or know of the absolute, perfect plant directory? A
comprehensive list of plants and a comprehensive body of data?

If not, I was thinking it might be intersting to create our own such
directory, using the body of knowledge created by this wealth of experience,
here on the Aquatic Plants list.

If we were to brainstorm the necessities of the Ultimate Aquarium Plant
Directory, what body of data would we need in order to feel a sense of

Common Name
Country of Origin

Low Light Results
Medium Light Results
High Light Results
No Co2 Results
Co2 Added Results
No Fertilization Results
Added Fertilization Results
Empty Substrate Results
Nutritous Substrate Results

Height Range
Width Range
PH Tolerance
Optimal PH
Optimal Temperature
Growth Speed
Grow above water level?
Nutrient Consumption
Reproduces via

Pruning Directions
Planting Directions

What other bits of information am I missing? How about a little brainstorm

And just think, if we can put this into an online database, we can set up
search criteria so someone who wants to create a tank with Fast-Growing
plants that grow above the water's surface, they can see every plant that
fits the bill.

Oh well, something fun to think about anyway...