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Re: CO2 vortex uptake

>IME CO2 dissolves more efficiently when a vortex is not present (when lots
>of small bubbles are gracefully spinning around in the chamber). Not sure
>why, but this is what/how my set-up operates. Whenever I have the vortex -
>no/very little CO2 dissolves.

This is my exact experience. I made a really cool vortex reactor a couple of
days ago with a tremendous vortex. No pearling from any leaves could
be detected, but the pH went down (???). Someone has to explain this
to me.

I have also noticed that 100% wateruptake is impossible with my CO2.
A buildup is impossible to prevent, so my reactor designs always has a
"burper". Does this suggest that my CO2 is not pure CO2?

// Daniel.