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Simple, Cheap, easy, CO2 systems

Well here's some photos of a simple multi tank CO2 system and detailed parts
all available at Home Depot.
Regulator is a Cornelius UL listed regulator, very commonly used, similar to
what most beer places/ commercial ice sales/soda fountain vendor companies
sell, install. Runs about 50$.
The valves are Clippard 4 series with 1/8" barbed end and the adapter
part(1/8" to small needle valve male end). These run about 10$ each and
about a 1$ for the adapter, but you pay for shipping/handling.

Now even the best deal at Homer Depot cannot beat that type of price on a
valve that works very well over a number of years.
The adapter to the 1/8: to the internal housing of the regulator is an
1/8"female to 1/4"male brushing.

The pipe compound is also much preferred over the teflon tape, especially
when putting together many pieces at one one and also even try to add tape
to something as small as those needle valve threads?

If you have a positive suction style reactors......powerheads or filters
sucking the CO2 gas out all the time and you make a drip in the CO2/air line
no water will back into this set up even if the tank runs zero pressure for

So you don't need a check valve then, and a bubble counter is a nice little
quick checker for rough guessimation. I know of a nice little unit, that
runs about 6$ or so that is extremely easy to refill open etc and is small
and light weight. But the LFS might not sell on line etc.
Cost for compressed CO2 system for 6 tanks:
11$x6=66$+50$+12$ brass parts+shipping 12$= 140$ + 10lb tank 50$ used 20lbs=
190$. Try to set up a system for that price that you don't have to touch for
monthe, years at a time and the cost of the gas is about 14$ for a refill.
A single tank system will cost about 50$ for the reg, 18$ for the valve
since you pay for the shipping(so buy a few at a time, the shipping is the
same) and the tank if you look etc can run as low as 20-50$ used, brass
parts about 2$. So then it's= 90-120$. And unlike anything else sold, you
can expand it for cheap.


In any event, this should help folks get a good idea.
Tom Barr