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Re: K2PO4 vs KH2PO4

Greger wrote:

>This is very intresting.  I was given some KH2PO4 by a friend.
>I have not been able to get K2PO4.
>I've found that the Hagen PO4 testkit don't work on KH2PO4,
>while the Sera PO4 testkit does. Does anybody have a clue as
>to why this is so?

I don't bother with testing.  I find it far easier to calculate the dosage 
I need to reach the desired level, dose it, and then let it ride.  I 
generally add about 0.5 to 1ppm twice a week.  You can use Chuck's 
calculator to calculate dosage for KH2PO4.


>Is K2PO4 better than KH2PO4 or does it not matter which one,
>one use in a planted tank?

No.  You're only after the phosphate.  The rest isn't important.
Chuck Huffine
getting tickled by Hurricane Lily in Knoxville, Tennessee