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Re: Compact Fluorescent -- Temp vs. Efficiency

Scott H. wrote:

>Flouresecent are most efficient within a certain ranges
>of bulb temps (around 120 degrees F) and below that,
>light output generally decreases.

I recently bumped into this article from an architectural publication 
("Progressive Architecture" Aug. 1992, p. 89-92) that has a nice little 
chart showing the effect of heat on the efficiency of typical compact 
fluorescent bulbs.  The chart is labeled figure 3 and is about a third of 
the way down the page:


The article states that 38 degrees Celcius (100 F) is considered optimum 
for typical CFL's.  A temp within 15 degrees C of optimum (~85 - 120 F) is 
still giving you better than 90% efficiency, though it appears that warmer 
is definitely better once you pass that range.  It is also stated that it's 
the coldest spot on the bulb that determines the light output.  This makes 
perfect sense, but I'd never really thought about it before.

There's some other interesting info in the article, too.
Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee

PS:  Klez hit me 4 times within 24hrs after I posted about it...methinks I 
have angered the worm.