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Re: cooling lamps - why not put a cooling fan on the fan?

K9AUB at aol_com said pushing is better than pulling with

> There are technical reasons why it is better to push air,
> not pull it.  
> Consider that if the lamps are generating a lot of heat,
> what the long term 
> effect of that heat will be on the fan's motor itself? 
> You'll get much 
> better life from the fan motor if you use it in push
> configuration.

Generally, yes, but cooling fans are often designed to
operate at higher temps.  That point notwithstanding, the
temps in your hood aren't all that significant for a fan. 
If your hood is over 150 degrees without a fan, the temp
will be less than 150 with one, blowing or sucking.  If you
hood is over 150 degrees, an fan might not help, you might
need a fire extringuisher--what the heck have you got
burning in there? ;-)

Scott H.

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