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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V5 #379

>>Maybe you and Dave could set up small tables in Houston
across the hall from each other with large price signs like
the gas stations use.  As the number cards keep changing
lower, we can twist our necks back and forth like folks at
a tennis match. ;-)  Sort of a Dutch auction version of a
"gas price war."  Do I hear anyone mentioning free dishes?<<

I think Shawn and I will be sold out long before the Houston show...

David Brown writes:
>>I need 2 more CO2 setups, and would like to save
some money.  Are the beer keg CO2 regulators on ebay
good for us?  There are a bunch of them.<<

Most industrial regulators do not come with a needle valve, and sometimes it
can be tricky finding the right fitting and a matching needle valve, but I
agree, a 4 way manifold with four independent needle valves is much cheaper
than ANY four regulators

Robert Paul Hudson