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RE: Ick treatments

I used plain old 'clear' medical grade 37% Formalin (Formaldehyde)
solution at around 1mL per 50L for two successive days in my discus tank
after an outbreak. Cleared up within a week. I stress that it is
important to aerate the water if you have elevated temperatures as
formalin is a carcinogen and rapidly deoxygenates the water.

If your problem is only with one or two fish, you can try a short term
bath (20 mins or so) using 1mL in 5L in a separate container. I had to
do this once in a fairly severe case, and almost all ick was gone after
20 mins.  This can be very risky so be careful - don't take your eyes
off the fish at any time because it can start to become listless and die
at any time within a matter of seconds (I came back after leaving the
room only for a moment to find a discus lying on its side and not
moving, after putting back into tank water for a while it started
moving. Probably lack of oxygen). Remove the fish if it appears
stressed, and make sure that the treatment water is aerated. Then give
the longer term treatment to the tank over a few days and all is good.

Plants didn't seem to care one bit...

Hope this helps,

Adam Shaw