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CO2 Mystery

I have a DIY reactor made from a gravel-vac tube, some bioballs, and a 
powerhead. For a long time a bubble rate of about 1/sec. was enough to 
keep my pH at 6.7 with a KH at 3 (25ppm CO2). All of the sudden, my pH 
went up to 7.2 the other day. I added nothing to the tank except the 
usual NO3, PO4, and traces. I turned up the bubble rate to 2/sec., and 
my pH only went to 7.1. I retested the KH and it is still 3. I double 
checked the flow in the reactor to make sure that was fine and 
everything looks ok. The CO2 tank is still quite full (reporting 800psi).

The plants have stopped pearling which leads me to believe they're not 
getting enough C, and that it's not a KH problem.

My substrate is texblast with laterite. The tank has been operational 
for about 8 months. I'm stumped.

Jerry Baker