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Re: Snail eaters

Hi y'all,

I see botia striata got several votes.  I have to look
them up now.  I suppose they do better in a school like
many loaches do.  Hope they won't annihilate the snails

My clown loaches grow quite fast.  I get them as babies
(about 1 inch TL) but within 6 months they are more
than 6 inches long.  They thrive on snails and other
live food I give my fish.  I keep adding more snails
but it is really a wasted effort.  Clown loaches make
such huge piles of empty white snail shells (which
collect at the sides of my 75G tank) that the shells
catch everyone's attention.  Looks like a snail

I will try Tom's suggestion for catching botia striata
if they become just as efficient in eating snails as my
clown loaches.  It's a job trying to catch anything out
of my 75 gallon tank.  I am so small that I  have to
use a step stool trying to reach fish or plants in the
rear of the tank, especially when the fish are hiding
in the bottom half of the tank.  I feel like I am
falling into the tank.  If I ever get a bigger tank
than 75 or 90 gallons, I am going to have to invest in
a snorkel!