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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V5 #377

tomoko schum writes that "catching his clown loaches almost wrecked his tank."

having had to move serveral times in the last few years i came up with a 
method of catching fast fish such as mono's, clown loaches ect in my 125 gal 

I went to home depot and bought a plastic grid used for air conditioning 
units. The grid comes in a piece 36" by 60". the grid holes are 1/2 inch 
square. by cutting a piece close to the inside width of the tank I created a 
"swinging gate" at one end of the tank. I placed it at an angle with a space 
open at one end,herded the fish into the short end then closed the "gate". a 
fish impossible to net in a six foot long tank is easily caught in one foot 
of water. 

The only drawback is the fish has to be larger than the holes in the grid. 
Smaller fish would need a grid with smaller holes, although my experience is 
that it is the bigger, faster fish that are really the problems.

Worked for me!

rich green