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>Just wondering if anyone out there knows the best method for relocating
>crypts which would avoid the dreaded 'melt-down'?
>I have some Brown Wentii's that I need to relocate to their new home in
>another tank - yet even when relocating them to another spot in the
>*same* tank in the past, they've suffered immensely. I've just managed
>to get back decent growth after the last time I moved them within the
>tank and would like to avoid it happening again!

I don't think you can avoid it, just minimize it. Make sure both tanks
and clean with fresh water changes, fertiilized normally and
as close to each other in terms of pH, hardness, temperature etc.
With good light there should be minimal meltdown and vigorous
new growth. Make sure they have plenty of room to send our roots
they don't IME like root crowding.

Having said that a small number of times I've seen crypts not melt
when moved. But I have no idea why.


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