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Re: pellia

According to the article in The Aquatic Gardener, Pellia endiviafolia is a
liverwort.  Apparently, it likes lower light and is amenable to cooler
temperatures.  The requirements are comparable to Java moss.  It must be
fine with high light because in the tank, it is growing beside glosso.

It reminds me of the very tips of java fern windelov if you will.  I am not
sure that it resembles giant flat riccia. It is much wider and more
frond-like if that makes sense.  At least that is what it reminds me of. :)
It appears to stay very short and is a dark green.

It is a beautiful plant.

According to the article, it "was launched at the Nuremberg Trade Show in
the spring."

Does the description sound similar to what you've seen locally in the