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Re:Re Cheap CO2


We do make beer down here, however I doubt there are many (if any)
public brewery places as there is a Law in this country that production
of over 60L (?) at any point in time of an alcoholic beverage requires a
liquor manufacturers license (very expensive). Hey the keen ones don't
worry about it, but it does make commercially available brewery supplies

Most US places do ship here, but shipping is also very expensive, and
usually we end up paying import duty through the teeth (an initiative
put in place by the Australian government which punishes those opting
for overseas products). Plus there are likely to be laws on what
standards of regulators etc can be used 'legally' - not likely to be the
US standards (if there are any?). Hey, that makes Oz seem a bit
backwards and militaristic almost hey? I assure you that's not the
case... Haha... In any case I'm sure I'll find something here, I just
have to hunt around.

As an interesting few facts; It seems most overseas aquarium products
are expensive here in general. The RL "Quiet One" Pump retails for
around $130US on Petwarehouse, here the same pump is around $550AUS
(where using normal exchange rates should be around $260). The Little
Giant RL pumps START at $550AUS here and for the larger models are up
into the $1200AUS. Lucky us. Don't know how much of that is shipping, or
import duty, or just crummy Australian distributors mark-up :) Plus
things like pumps are hard to order from overseas since US is on a
different power system (110V I think?). OZ runs 240V power. Sure, could
get a converter but when you're talking expensive pumps and a month for
shipping then you get a little worried when you're mucking around with
power that hasn't been tested :)

Anyway, if I get that desperate for CO2 I'll just buy something a bit
more expensive. I have the motto do it once, and do it well. So I'd
rather go all out and get a pH monitor with celenoid and the works than
get a manual system anyway.