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RE: Moving plants

For three years now I have kept plants outside from about June to October in
Massachusetts.  Every year they do great!!! I just took mine in today and I
found a couple species that are extinct in the 'in the house tank'.  That
happens every year, things get crowded out and conditions are different.

I think that the reasons are:

More light, can't overstate this.

Dirtier: Bugs fall in leaves, soil all get dropped in, I think it's a nice
nutrient soup with water clarity we probably wouldn't tolerate in the house.

Neglect: I think it's great for the plants, they can get used to their

Plants grow incredibly well outdoors just left alone even in small
containers.  It may be the rainwater or something else. I also generally see
excellent root growth

Wow, nature grows plants great, who woulda thunk it!