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Re: The clause about Klez

Scott H. wrote:

>But the APD list only accepts and forwards plain text,
>nothing fancy and no attachments.  So, just to be clear
>about mucky topic, you won't catch a virus from the mail
>APD sends you.

Very true, Scott.  I should have been clearer about that.  The danger to 
APD members lies in the "off-list" email that Klez is sending out in 
conjunction with it's posts to the list.  Even then, only the attachment 
carries the actual worm.

As for attachments, I've received a dozen or so Klez-infected files since 
last May.  Executables (*.exe), program information files (*.pif), and 
screen saver files (*.scr) seem to be it's preferred methods of 
propagating.  Klez will sometimes append one of the mentioned name 
extensions to otherwise benign file types like picture files (*.bmp, *.jpg, 
etc.), so look out for that.

Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee