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The Importance of Drip Loops!!

I cleaned an old filter today (whisper3), and placed it on my tank.So far, so 
good. Unfortunatly, the casing had a small leak where the impeller unit 
attaches to the filter. The water started to drip down the cord to the...you 
guessed it my surge suppresor. However my surge suppressor did not trip. I 
had an ac adaptor for my phone blocking the trip switch. Soon afterwards I 
smelled something burning...NOT GOOD!! I unplugged the suppressor from the 
wall and examined the unit and the surge suppressor, it's pretty warped. 
Luckly no fires!
Please, make a drip loop.
It's in the instructions of your aquaria appliances.
Basically, keep your surge suppressor elevated slightly, with your 
appliance's cord lower than your suppressor.This creates a loop so that water 
will travel down your cord but not uphill to your surge suppressor.

Neight Goetz