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Re: Micro Anubias

Re: "Micro Anubias"

Paul H. wrote:

Yeah, I think it's called immature Anubias nana. In one of Karen Randall's
> writings she was asked the same question. Her response was the same. Break
> off a little rhizome and in a month you will have the same thing...for
> Or take a large rhizome and cut all the leaves off and wait for it to grow
> back. I have done this to salvage plants for sale that got their original
> leaves chewed up by snails, or suffered damage for some other reason.

and Scott H. wrote:

Anyone know what this is called?
> Yes. Expensive.

The fact is that this particular plant truly IS a dwarf variety. I first saw
the plant in Germany in my friend Dennerle's greenhouse, over four years
ago. We have been slowly collecting this plant since last year. We have had
some in one of our show tanks for over a year now and they have grown very
slowly, but all the leaves are still thumb size. If someone in our store
quoted it at $25, they were mistaken,  because they are under orders not to
sell any yet.

If we can get a sufficient quantity together, and they have been very hard
to get, they should sell for less than $25, but only if we can get enough,
or get a reliable enough supply. May be that is why our employee quoted such
a high price.

BTW "expensive" is a relative concept. I can get a large red maple at Home
Depot for less than $20, but this year I was at the Floriade in Holland  - a
botanical show that happens every 10 years - and saw a tiny red maple
bonsai, that went for over $1,500!

Guy O.
Albany Aquarium

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