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Re: How to build a cheap sump wet/dry for your Plant tank

Adam Shaw said, in part:

> . . .  I
> have always
> thought that wet/dry filters, trickle filters and even to
> some extent
> overflow systems with pre-filters weren't necessarily a
> good thing for
> plant tanks due to the fact that they're more likely to
> drive out CO2
> from the water?

There will only be a steady loss of CO2 from the system if
the trickle filter is open to the atmosphere and the
atmosphere is not rich in CO2.  The more that it is closed
off, the less that will be lost.  The CO2 concentration in
the atmosphere in the trickle chamber at first becomes high
and then the loss of CO2 from the water tapers off.  You
can move around inbetween totally open and totally closed. 

George Booth posted data on some experimetns in this regard
a while back:


Scott H.

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