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RE: Long internodes

>I have been doing a little experiment myself. I have one plant (I don't even
>know what kind) that grows leggy, 1.5"-2" internodes. For my 55-gal, I used to
>use 1 40w 5000K flourescent, 1 40w GE Plant & Aquarium (not sure of color temp
>but it looked very pink), and 2 15w cool white 4100K bulbs.
>I changed them to 1 40w 5000K, 1 40w 6500K, and 2 15w 6500K. The plant used to
>be closest to the pink bulb, but now it's closest to the 40w 6500K. I am seeing
>definite improvements. It used to grow at least 1" per day. Now it grows a bit
>slower, but the internodes are about 1".

That sounds about right. Now try JUST wide specturm gro-lux type bulbs
and see what you get.

Philips F40/GROW/AQ/WS or
Osram/Sylvania Gro-Lux


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