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In Praise of DrsFosterSmith.com

Sorry for the off topic post, but I can't help it :)

I haven't had the best luck recently with equipment, but 
DrsFosterSmith.com made an otherwise disasterous month a whole lot 
better. My Eheim 2026 was leaking and despite taking the whole thing 
apart, lubing, etc. nothing worked. It's out of warranty, but I had 
hoped DrsFosterSmith.com could help me find a way to contact Eheim. 
If you've ever tried to find contact info for Eheim, you know my 
frustration. Anyway, the customer service people at DrsFosterSmith 
spent at least an hour with me on the phone trying to help. Thanks to 
them and the Eheim service center, I fixed it. They went above and 
beyond the call of duty. It's nice when things work out that way and 
even nicer knowing that a retailer appreciates my business that much:)