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Re: Cryptic Advice

Wow! Thanks for all the advice!

A few more details. Most of the crypts in the tank are at least a year old. 
I try not to disturb them too much, but in the 29 my ancistrus ("Big Sucky") 
regularly crushes one stand of them on his way to the algae tabs. I know why 
those aren't growing! The tanks all have different substrates: 100% (ugly 
large black) gravel in the 29 low-light, Flourish Excel enhanced tank; 50/50 
gravel-flourite in the 72 220W compressed gas CO2 tank, and 100% flourite in 
the 10 gallon, 30W, Flourish Excel enhanced tank. I add iron and phosphate 
to the 72 gallon tank.

The 75% water changes in the 72 are because it just seems to take that much 
to get things cleaned up, and also Tom Barr is a big fan of big water 

One suggestion which came off-list was water temperature. The temps in all 
the tanks are an the high side of normal, ranging from 76-82 degrees, for no 
real reason. OK, in the 10 gallon, it's because of the lights. I am planning 
to bring the temps down to more like 72 and see if that helps. I will also 
try smaller water changes, more like 50%.

I'll report back.


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