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Aquarium Plants (English Version) by Christel Kasselmann

I spoke with the publisher. They are expecting this book in their warehouse
by the end of next week.

Translated from the popular 1999 revised German edition, this text describes
the temperature, water, fertilizer, and light needs of more than 300
aquarium plants. Artificial lighting - lamp types, color temperatures, and
mounting - is discussed in detail and the author provides advice on choosing
the right plants for an aquarium. Ecological factors, flower biology and
morphology, and reproduction methods receive detailed coverage.  The book
contains 525 color photographs with nearly all plants depicted with fully
developed submerged foliage. Many of the photographs of rare plants were
published for the first time in the German edition. Botanists as well as
professional and amateur aquarium keepers will find this book
indispensable. 528pp.

You can preorder a copy for $63.00 from FishBookStore.com

Mark Barnett