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Re: Cryptic Advice

>>I have recently been given two possible causes for the failure of my
to grow. The first is, crypts don't like acidic water. The pH in the tanks
ranges from 6.6 to 7.4, so I don't think that is it, but I was wondering if
anyone would like to comment on the pH requirements of crypts?
The second theory is that crpts don't like large water changes. Water
changes range from 20% every 10 or so days in the 10 gallon tank, to 75%
weekly in the 72 gallon. Any comments on this theory?<<

Depends on what Cryps species you are trying to grow... but in general most
cryps LIKE acidic water, the more acidic the better.

I havnt found water changes to be detrimental as long as it is not a sudden
temp change. Putting cold water into a warm tank will often trigger a melt
down. I would look at your substrate and see how you can fortify it with
more trace or NPK. 75% weekly is a pretty big change! Are you replacing
nutrients after each water change? Why such a big water change?

Robert Paul Hudson