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Kasselmann book/Zipties

"Houston copies will be $65 plus $2 shipping (you carry it home)."

So, Dave, you will pay everybody that buys the book from you in Houston $2
to carry it home?

Sorry, couldn't resist that dig at my good friend Dave. I'm in Austin, so I
might make the drive down and wear eyelashes and a false nametag just to
mess with him. (Look for a midget wearing a wig dressed as a watermelon
walking a hamster riding a goat. I'll be discreet.)
On a completely different note, I have observed something in my tank that
has aroused me.

No, not that kind of arousement.

I've used many black electrical zipties to secure various items to each
other within my 90 gallon tank. Eighteen months later almost all of those
zipties are broken. Is it the water?