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Kasselmann book

Finally, a post that is not a reply......

I have seen a copy, it is real.  The pics are nice.  It is very heavy 
(almost 3 pounds).  As always Christel is a great read; the translation is 
a bit too literal for my taste, and the formality of the German has been 
retained, which sometimes makes for tough reading.  But the info is all 
there and it is the best book by far for our hobby.

The printing is complete and the printer is set to freight the copies to 
the publisher today.
The publisher will send copies to dealers.  I will have "first day" copies.
I will ship all orders received before November 1 ASAP.  I will bring a 
bunch of copies to Houston.
Houston copies will be slightly cheaper because of bulk shipping.
Direct copies will be $65 plus $5 packing and shipping (book rate).
Houston copies will be $65 plus $2 shipping (you carry it home).

Hopefully this is all you will need to know.

Dave Gomberg, San Francisco   NE5EE     gomberg at wcf dot com
http://www.wcf.com/co2iron for low cost CO2 systems that work!

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