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Plant Database.

Hello Everyone,

About a year ago, our webmaster started a plant database on our website for 
the DFW Aquatic Plant Club members to write their experiences on how to grow 
the many plants that you can find in the hobby.  We're hoping that the 
database will be something that rivals and eventually be better than the one 
found on Tropica's website by including real life experiences and conditions 
for growth from hobbyist's own tanks.  Since everyone's tanks are a little 
different, we thought that having multiple ways of growing the plants would 
be beneficial for people with different water conditions, fertilizers, etc.  
Unfortunately, response has been a little slow since our group has had a 
limited number of plants to work with in the Dallas area.

So, we'd like to extend our invitation to everyone involved in growing 
aquatic plants to get involved and submit information.  Your input will be 
noted on the website.  If you have pictures of the plants found on the 
database, that would be even more beneficial since many pictures of plants 
are drawings.  We'd like to have photos of each plant added to the website 
so people will be able to look at a plant and decide whether they want that 
plant in the their tank or not.  This will be a great benefit for plants 
that are harder to find and/or rare.

Visit our website to see how to add information and picts of plants.


Thanks and I hope to see some new info and picts on the website soon.

Bailin Shaw
DFW Aquatic Plant Club

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