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Re: Cleaning CO2 reactors and a new cheaper model

> Is it possible to do advanced searches in APD?  If yes,
> what's the syntax?
> I'm trying to track down an email from Tom Barr about
> how to clean his CO2 reactor -- something about using
> bleach, I think.  So I've been trying things in the search
> field like CO2 & Reactor & Barr & 2002
> CO2 + Barr + reactor + clean + 2002
> ... still not found it.
> Any suggestions?

Sure email that lazy good fer nuthing fool.

> thanks,
> shireen

I use bleach and hot water, give a few good shakes to losen up anything and
let drain.
You can pull the elbows out and reinstall them also. A little Vaseline will
aid in getting them back on. Use a towel etc to push them in so as not to
lose knuckle skin.

If you have a standard screwdriver you can pull the rubber grommets out and
get more water, large pieces of muck out if you want.
Press the grommets back in with your hand and slip the exposed lip back in
with the screwdriver.

I soak them in the sink for about 10 minutes etc with warm bleachy
water(50:50) and then drain and flush with hot water a few minutes giving
them good shakes as they refill and drain.

Good for another few months.
FWIW, I've never had to clean a sump model yet.

I might come out with an even cheaper model for sumps shortly.
Might run about 25$ plus shipping(no pump). Good for up to 200 gallons easy.

Tom Barr