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Re: 29 gallon Tank


I have the same problem.  My 29 sits on a room divider between the family 
room and the kitchen / breakfast nook.  In all honesty I have never been able 
to come up with a good way to make it look good from both sides.

I think a 29 is too narrow to plant the tall plants in the middle.  Perhaps 
you could plant large plants on one end and then plant progressively shorter 
ones toward the other end.  But the lighting might be a problem, if most of 
it is in the rear (or front, depending on your view).

I have pretty much compromised on having an attractive tank from the family 
room side and green abstract art from the kitchen side.  You can get used to 
it, particularly if you are skillful at the art of chair arranging.

Maybe somebody else will have a better idea.

Good luck!