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Small Difformis?

I need a plant that would be nice and leafy for the left side of my little 3
gallon. I've now got lots of light and everything is bubbling away. H.
Difformis looks like it would be a good candidate from the pictures but what
I saw at the LFS a few hours ago that appeared to be wisteria was really
large. It looked like a tomato plant underwater!

I've got java moss on the right hand side in a big towering clump. Fish love
it. Microsword grass in front which is slowly filling in (but fighting w/
bga). Some corkscrew vals against the back that are really doing well.
Anubias nana front right which I might have to start thinning; fish love to
get under these. Oh, and a rebounded red wendtii which sprang up from the
roots in front of the vals.

I just need a nice leafy thing to come in from the back left to complete the
scene. Any suggestions? Can I keep the wisteria small enuf by trimming or
will it be unhappy and look like gangly stump. The vision of a "trimmed"
tomato plant isn't exactly appealing.

Oh, and how do you trim anubias? Do you just break the root thingy in half
and start over?