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Re: Eheim reactor and algae

>From: Jiri.Panacek at krn_os.ds.mfcr.cz
>Subject: Eheim reactor and algae
>I have Eheim reactor for CO2 and surface of this  white keramic reactor is
>covered green algae, this inductive worse babbles. I don't know how I can
>clean this reactor from off this algae. I tried 6% H2O2 and some abstergent
>for closet with  minimum effect.

You might try a denture cleaner to do the job.  In the US "Alka-seltzer" is
used by some to clean air stones, ceramic diffusers and other hard-to-clean
aquarium devices.  There should be a locally produced product for dentures
in the Czech republic that you can try. 

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