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OK, bear with me...
I currently have a 29 gal tank set up against a wall.  I am planning on moving 
the tank to a sturdy end table next to a sofa further out into the living room 
so that I can actually sit in comfort and enjoy my tank without having to squat 
on the floor.  Now I know that generally, when setting up a planted tank, tall 
plants go in back, short ones in front, etc.  However, with my new set up, the 
tank will be visible from front and back with the narrow end towards the wall.  
Does it make sense to place the tall plants along the centerline of the tank 
and the shorter plants in the front and (what used to be) the back 
symetrically?  Perhaps a "mountain" like setup with tall plants in the center 
and shorter ones descending towards the corners?  Has anyone ever tried this 
before?  Perhaps I'm being too anal and shouldn't worry about being symetrical 
at all!  I'm planning to set up filtration and heating on the short end closest 
to the wall. Can you forsee any circulation problems on this size of a tank?  
Thanks for your suggestions!