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Re: Cheap fluorescent lights

Unless you really need the special advantages compact fluorescent
gives (LOTS of light in a small space) the most cost effective
fluorescent setup is still 2 and 4' T12 in Wide spectrum grow lux
or GE Chroma 50 tubes all of which as mass marketed and cheap.

$6.50 CDN a tube up here in almost any store.

Once you deviate from them things get expensive very quickly.


I can buy 841 T8 lamps for $2.50 Canadian and 865 lamps for $4.50 Canadian.
They last at least 4 times as long as Chroma 50s. So, the Chroma 50s are
actually 24 times more expensive than 841s. The T8s are more efficient as
well and will therefore save electricity. 32 watt T8s can be hard to find
though and I do not believe triphoisphor spectrums are as good as the Chroma
50 spectrum but if economy is the main concern an 841 lamp is the one to