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Re: Number of Holes for Spray Bar

On Tuesday 24 September 2002 01:48, Jerry wrote:

> There has got to be some way to calculate the number/size
> of holes in a spray bar that one can have before the flow is no longer
> equal out of all of the holes simultaneously.

It isn't so simple.  It depends on the size and length of the pipe you're 
using and on the placement and shape of the holes as well as on the number of 
holes.  Large spray bar-like devices are used to discharge industrial wastes 
and I think there are computer programs to design those devices.  Even if you 
use one of those design programs you will see different results depending on 
whether the flow you put into the spray bar is well-behaved.  Getting a 
well-behaved stream would probably require something like 10 pipe-diameters 
of straight pipe upstream from the spray bar.

I suppose you could get one of those design programs.  You have two other 
alternatives.  You can find someone else who did exactly what you want to do 
and do exactly what they did, or you can buy the pipe you want to use, decide 
what size of hole you want to use and start experimenting.

Roger Miller