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Classic Southwest Plant Book Returns to Print

Aquatic and Wetland Plants of Southwestern United States

An important classic book in the field of plant identification, Aquatic and
Wetland Plants of Southwestern United States by Donovan S. and Helen B.
Correll has been returned to print by The Blackburn Press. Originally
published in 1972, this 1,777-page reference resulted from a
government-sponsored environmental research project that covered nine years.

The primary aim of Aquatic and Wetland is to enable the identification of
fern and flowering plants in polluted and non-polluted aquatic and wetland
habitats of the southwestern United States. The basic requirement for
inclusion was a plant's ability to withstand a permanent or seasonally long
submersion of at least its root system. In addition, plants classified as
phreatophytes, those whose deeply penetrating roots tap the groundwater, are

The authors examined plants found in four states-Arizona, New Mexico,
Oklahoma and Texas-but the habitats of many of the plants listed extend far
beyond that area.

Then as now, the book assists plant physiologists, ecologists, hydrologists,
conservationists, wildlife managers, habitat restorationists and others to
determine plants that are detrimental or beneficial in their association
with water.

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The Blackburn Press is a relatively new publishing company, founded with the
mission of keeping in print at reasonable prices book titles that larger
publishers have dropped. We specialize in scientific and technical books and
textbooks. They are generally classics in their fields and unobtainable,
even in the used/rare book market.

By bringing these books back to print, we make them available to libraries,
scholars, researchers and graduate students who wish to own or replace a
copy of an invaluable book.

We are interested in hearing about other out-of-print titles we might
consider returning to print. Your suggestions are welcome.

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