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Re: Afghanistan Tigers

Not saying you're wrong, but tigers would have an extremely difficult, if not 
impossible, time surviving in arid, barren Afghanistan.  Tigers are hunters, 
and they must have cover (tall grass, thick vegetation, forests) to hide them 
as they stalk their prey, and water.  They can't chase down their prey over 
long distances; they don't have the stamina. Any self-respecting prey out in 
the open could see a tiger long before the tiger could surprise him.  
(Changing climate and deforestation is believed to be what killed off all the 
Sabre-toothed Tigers in the Southwestern United States.  With loss of thick 
vegetation, they couldn't hide to stalk their prey, and they starved out.)  
There are less than 8000 tigers left alive in the world today, and the ratio 
of wild to captive is dwindling rapidly.  The majority of wild tigers live in 
India and Sri Lanka, with a rare few here and there as you go east through 
Vietnam.  Siberian tigers are a very threatened species, with perhaps less 
than 400 alive in the world today.   Unless you've actually seen a wild tiger 
in Afghanistan, I'd bet the closest tiger to you might be in the Kabul zoo, 
if there.  If it's still alive, they have a famous blinded lion, ruined by an 
idiot Taliban who threw a live grenade at the lion, but I have never heard of 
the Kabul zoo owning a tiger.  Sadly, the Taliban did not place much 
importance on the survival of animals (except themselves), and most of the 
Kabul zoo has been devastated.   
>> I haven't seen any house cats, but there are tigers in the region."

>> In Afghanistan?  The only ones I've ever heard of around there are the\
>> Caspian subspecies, and they're supposed to have gone extinct 30 years
>>  ago.  Right?

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