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Re: Algae Problem- Link for Picture

Thanks for the picture Cory.  I can't tell if this is the same algae I have
battled, I am not sure of the scale.  How long is this stuff?  Do you have
any pictures of it in the tank or on the plants or something that would show
the size?

If it is indeed the same stuff, you will only be wasting your time and
making your plants leggy if you do a blackout.  After sticking some of it in
a jar and wrapping it up so no light got to it for 2 weeks, I unwrapped it
and it was perfectly fine. Bleach was the only thing that would kill mine.
If it isn't the same algae, blackout may work of course. It is certainly
worth a try.

Several large water changes and careful monitoring of the nitrate has been
the only way I've kept mine in check.  My nitrate tends to bottom out, my
phosphate is usually a bit high.  The algae isn't gone but is behaving
itself to a degree.  FWIW, my tank is crammed full of plants and has lots of
stems.  It even grows on some of them!

Flag fish are the only ones that will eat what I have and they don't get it

The approach that Tom Barr recommends (water changes, keeping things within
certain tolerances, fertilizing with water changes, nitrate the next day) is
probably your best bet.  That is what has worked best for me, I just can't
seen to completely eradicate the algae.  But it isn't wrecking my tank

But then again, you may have a different variety of algae and blackout may
completely clean the tank...  I can only comment on what I've dealt with. I
do know the Barr approach will be beneficial to your tank either way, I've
tried it :)