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Re: Strange Algae/ Plant Problem

sorry I somehow hit a key combination that sent that message. Anyway, a 
3-pronged approach:

1. Manual removal off any surfaces possible, without taking out more plants
2. 4-5 day blackout - why not? It will not harm plants and may knock down 
the algae
3. Stuff the tank. Get as many fast growing stem plants in the tank as you 
can. Hygro is great for this - H. polysperma, difformis, salicifolia, 
corymbosa are all fast growing plants which people often have extra of. 
Crowd them in. Stuff them in. Squeeze in a few more. If the conditions are 
good for the plants, they will grow like crazy, and the algae will be 
defeated. Then you can take out the ones you don't like and replace them 
with plants you do.


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