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Re: Re: Afghanistan???

>>Needless to say, most of the population is
really focused on subsistance living.  Since
the economy is pretty hard hit for the last
22 years or so, I'd assume luxuries like an
aquarium aren't realistic for most of the
population.  Lots of tents, goats, camels,
chickens, donkies, and a few dogs.  I haven't
seen any house cats, but there are tigers in the
region and it's possible some people are very
ambitious with their house pets.  Most of the
people live in tents or adobe or metal sheds,
(lots of population migration because of political
conflict), and there's not much in the way of
running water (hand pumps located in various
areas in town).<<

Do they even have electricity in these tents...or caves?
In most of the countries in that region, there is a definite class
distinction and those those in the upper class are the only ones who can
afford such a hobby. Is there any class distinction in that country? I
thought it was basically poor and poorer, (other than Bin laden) Would such
western influenced "hobbys" even be tolerated in their society?

I have sold dry goods and books to people in Turkey and Pakistan but these
countries have a more diverse social structure, a somewhat priveledged
working class.

Robert Paul Hudson