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Shipping fish

My apologies for the somewhat off-topic post, but I don't know where else to
turn for help. 

I want to ship some sensitive catfish fry to a friend by overnight delivery.
I did this once before and the hardier fish made it but the more sensitive
ones didn't. This time I would like to get 100% survival.

I've learned some things such as to use air breathing bags, crimp the
corners, put about 25% water in the bag and leave 1-2 inches of slack, keep
the fish in darkness, use styrofoam to pad the cardboard box, etc.

What I don't know much about is what chemicals to add (or not add) to the
water. Last time I added only a squirt of Amquel. I've heard that in
addition the professionals add sedatives (to calm the fish and reduce O2
consumption), methylene blue (as an oxygen scavenger), antibiotics (not sure
why) and sometimes salt (again, not sure why). What is the "best practice"?
What are some of the brands of sedatives and antibiotics used? What exact
dosages should be used? Any other advice?