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Re: Afghanistan???

Charley wrote:
"Most of the
people live in tents or adobe or metal sheds,
(lots of population migration because of political
conflict), and there's not much in the way of
running water (hand pumps located in various
areas in town)."

Most of us sort of take it for granted that all we have to do to get pure,
clean water is to turn on a tap. Gosh, this makes me feel kind of guilty
about bitching when the city interrupted the mains supply here for a few
weeks this past summer to replace the old pipes. We were advised to let the
water run for a few minutes to flush out any impurities in the temporary

"As most of you know, there are a lot of very
interesting aquatic plants throughout central
and east Asia, and I very much doubt there's been
a field expedition in this region specifically
for aquatic plants.  Still, this is the intersection
of the old Silk Road from China to Europe, so you
never know what people might have dragged across
the desert in the last few centuries.  ;-)"

I've seen documentaries on CNN over the past year which showed a lot of the
countryside there - it struck me as terribly dry and devoid of much
vegetation. Not typical "aquatic plant" territory, but that might change
following the coming rains. I'd be very interested in hearing about the
types of plants and fish which you can find growing in whatever bodies of
water you can find.

Anyway, take plenty of photos and steer clear of land mines. All the best to
you and the other men and women you are serving with.

James Purchase